PRP Hair Treatment: How This Therapy Works & Benefits Hair Growth

PRP Hair Treatment: How This Therapy Works & Benefits Hair Growth

If haircare products are not helping you prevent hair loss, you should consider PRP therapy. People often spend a lot of money on haircare products that claim to control falls. However, these products do not always deliver the desired results. For those suffering from hereditary hair loss issues, spending money on hair fall shampoos and masks is useless. When struggling with hair thinning or balding, it’s better to turn to doctors or professional haircare specialists for help. These experts often recommend PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss. PRP hair treatment is increasingly getting popular among men and women to restore hair. So, if you’re also worried about hair loss, let’s find out what this therapy is and how it works.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a medical treatment that was initially used to heal joints. This treatment involves drawing a person’s blood, processing it, and injecting it into the affected area. Due to the efficiency of this treatment, it is also being used for problems like healing injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as restoring hair and injecting PRP into the scalp. This helps in triggering natural hair growth by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicle. PRP hair therapy is found effective in increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

When blood is drawn from the patient, a centrifuge machine is used for spinning it to extract plasma that contains platelets. This extracted plasma is then injected into the scalp area affected by hair loss. This is a relatively safe procedure with minimal or no side effects. You might feel a little soreness or discomfort but that goes away. PRP hair treatment can be used for both men and women. It is effective for treating male-pattern baldness and for women experiencing hair loss due to menopause. However, PRP is not for people who are on blood thinning medication or smoke or drink. It is also not effective for those with thyroid.

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

You should expect to see full-head hair growth overnight. PRP is effective but it doesn’t deliver results immediately. Depending on the severity and cause of hair loss, you would need multiple sessions to get visible results. It is important to choose a reliable cosmetic clinic to get this therapy. If performed correctly, PRP can help in hair regrowth. It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment that can be performed in a clinic without anesthesia. The recovery time is also quick because it only involves using needles and syringes to draw blood and inject the platelet-rich plasma into the marked area. PRP is a safe procedure that causes minimal discomfort. You don’t need to worry about scarring or serious side effects. It is seen that multiple sessions of PRP can resolve the root cause of the hair loss issue and regenerate natural hair. PRP stimulates the inactive hair follicles to promote hair growth. This is a natural treatment that uses your own platelets to trigger hair growth.

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